Are you in need of a KNEE SCOOTER or SEATED SCOOTER in the North Houston and surrounding areas?

Give us a call, we're glad to help!


We rent the Roscoe KSB KNEE scooter,

the Knee Rover PEDIATRIC knee scooter,

and the Knee Rover Evolution SEATED Scooter,

to aid in your recovery. 

Knee scooters offer an alternative to crutches, giving you more freedom of movement and independence, and allowing you to return to your everyday life much sooner. 


The seated scooter is perfect for customers who cannot kneel because of a full leg impairment due to surgery, injury to the knee or upper leg.

All of our scooters are rented with baskets at no extra charge.

We also sell the EVENUP shoe leveler to equalize leg length, and  eliminate much of the back, knee, and hip discomfort that comes when walking with a medical boot, walking cast, or surgical shoe. 

We look forward to speaking with you!



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